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Freedom of information

Understand your rights under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 and make a request.

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the Act), everyone has the right to ask for access to documents held by City West Water.

You have the right to:

  • Access documents about the activities of City West Water.
  • Access documents about your personal affairs.
  • Request that incorrect or misleading information held by City West Water about you be amended.

What documents can I access?

  • Documents created by City West Water.
  • Documents supplied to City West Water by an external party.

You can apply for access to documents not older than 5 July 1978. However, if the documents are about your personal affairs, there is no time limit.

What documents can’t I access?

Not all documents are available but this should not deter you from asking for access as each document is assessed on its merits before a decision is made.

The Act allows City West Water to refuse access to some documents including:

  • Cabinet documents.
  • Some internal working documents.
  • Law enforcement documents.
  • Documents covered by legal professional privilege (legal advice).
  • Documents containing personal information about other people.
  • Documents containing information provided to City West Water in confidence.
  • Documents containing information provided to City West Water by a business.
  • Documents which are covered by secrecy provisions in other laws.

You may be refused access to an entire document or you may be given access to a document with some information deleted.

What will it cost?

Fees and charges are set by the State Government and include:

From 1 July 2017 From 1 July 2018
Application fee $28.40 $28.90
Search charge $21.30 per hour $21.70 per hour
Supervision charge $21.30 per hour $21.70 per hour
Photocopying (black & white) $0.20 per A4 page $0.20 per A4 page

Some fees may not apply. Please submit a copy of your concession or health care card and we will let you know.

If we estimate that your charges may exceed $50, we will ask you if you wish to proceed and (if so) you will need to pay a deposit.

How do I apply?

 Download the complete application form to submit an FOI request.



FOI Officer, City West Water
Locked Bag 350
Sunshine VIC 3020

How long will it take?

We must issue our decision within 30 days of a valid application being received unless that period has been extended in accordance with the Act. Delays may occur if your application:

  • Is not clear and requires further clarification.
  • Does not include the application fee.
  • Requires payment of a deposit.


The Act requires City West Water to consult with third parties about your request if the information contained in the relevant documents falls within certain exemptions. As part of the consultation process, your name and a brief description of your request will be provided to any person or body with whom we must consult.

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