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City West Water

Executive management committee

Meet our Excutive Management team.

Our business is managed by an Executive Leadership Team, which consists of the Managing Director and five General Managers. The Executive Leadership Team oversees policy implementations, the day-to-day management of our people, and the delivery of services to our customers.

David Ryan - Managing Director

David Ryan was appointed as Managing Director on 14 June 2016. David was the Executive General Manager, Service Delivery at Melbourne Water and has over 13 years of experience in the water sector. He is passionate about workplace culture, diversity, innovation and safety.

Louise Meadows - General Manager, People and Capability

Louise is responsible for leading all aspects of Human Resources and Organisational Development at City West Water. This involves the development and implementation of strategy and initiatives that align our people to the achievement of City West Water’s corporate and strategic objectives.

Cameron Fitzgerald - General Manager, Customers, Community and Environment

Cameron is responsible for managing City West Water’s customer and community programs as well as ensuring its water efficiency, sewage quality and environmental commitments are delivered. Cameron’s team provides customer service, billings and collections programs for residential, industrial, commercial and trade waste customers. Cameron’s team also facilitates key community programs including Greening the West and lead external communication activities. The team supports commercial customers to maximise efficiency of water, sewerage and trade waste services and oversees City West Water’s environmental performance.

Sean Crees - General Manager, Corporate Services

Sean is responsible for strategic planning and legal and governance functions, including legal services, quality systems, risk management, internal audits and corporate and strategic planning. Sean oversees the organisation's financial functions, credit management and its regulatory responsibilities, including pricing, regulatory structures, Government relations, bulk water entitlements and agreements with Melbourne Water.

Maree Lang - General Manager, Infrastructure and Delivery

Maree is responsible for asset management, operational research and infrastructure planning. Operationally, Maree’s team manages the maintenance function, standards and design and asset information, and oversees drinking water quality.

Sam Torre - General Manager, Water Solutions

Sam is responsible for City West Water’s Integrated Water Management, growth Infrastructure planning, developer services and town planning, local council liaison as well as connections and metering services. Sam’s team also manages developer and builder services.

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