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City West Water

Executive Leadership Team

Meet our Excutive Leadership Team.

Our business is managed by an Executive Leadership Team, which consists of the Managing Director, four General Managers, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer.

The Executive Leadership Team oversees policy implementations, the day-to-day management of our people, and the delivery of services to our customers.

Michael Wootten - Chief Financial Officer

Michael is responsible for City West Water’s financial functions including business support such as budgeting and reporting, compliance with relevant finance-related legislation, legal services and corporate governance, environment, quality systems, risk management, internal audit, and health and safety. Michael also provides oversight of capital expenditure improvement, strategic procurement, and information security.

Jennifer Rebeiro – Chief Information Officer, Information Technology

Jennifer is responsible for leading all aspects of Information Technology at City West Water. This involves ensuring the development and implementation of our digital journey and is a critical enabler of City West Water’s Business Strategy and Achievement Culture.

Louise Meadows - General Manager, People and Capability

Louise is responsible for leading all aspects of Human Resources and Organisational Development at City West Water. This involves the development and implementation of strategy and initiatives that align our people to the achievement of City West Water’s corporate and strategic objectives.

Amanda Smith - General Manager, Strategy and Planning

Amanda is responsible for leading the delivery of City West Water’s new business strategy that commits City West Water to its new vision of being 'an exceptional service provider that puts customers first and benefits the community.' 

Amanda is also responsible for leading all customer facing elements of our business, corporate and external communications and community relations. Amanda's Group ensures the effective capture of revenue and delivery of high quality customer service including trade waste and connections and metering services and also responsible for leading the delivery of customer programs and services designed to assist our customers and support efficient water use.

Maree Lang - General Manager, Infrastructure and Delivery

Maree is responsible for asset management, operational research and infrastructure planning. Operationally, Maree’s team manages the maintenance function, standards and design and asset information, and oversees drinking water quality.

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