Executive Leadership Team

Meet our Excutive Leadership Team.

Our business is managed by an Executive Leadership Team, which consists of the Managing Director, four General Managers, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer.

The Executive Leadership Team oversees policy implementations, the day-to-day management of our people, and the delivery of services to our customers.

Maree Lang - Managing Director

Maree was appointed Managing Director in April 2020 and Acting Managing Director in November 2019. Prior to this Maree was an executive with City West Water leading the delivery of water services to over one million Melbournians across the Melbourne CBD, inner suburbs and the growing western region, as well as the delivery of major new assets vital for growth, urban renewal and government infrastructure.

She brings a passion to lead culture, safety and business transformation in order to deliver exceptional outcomes for customers and the communities we service. Maree combines her water sector experience with a diverse and commercial driven background, and her leadership was also recognized by her inclusion as IPAA Top 50 Women in Public Sector (Victoria) 2018.

Michael Wootten - Chief Financial Officer

Michael is responsible for City West Water’s financial functions including business support such as budgeting and reporting, compliance with relevant finance-related legislation, legal services and corporate governance, environment, quality systems, risk management, internal audit, and health and safety. Michael also provides oversight of capital expenditure improvement, strategic procurement, and information security.

Jennifer Rebeiro – Chief Information Officer, Information Technology

Jennifer is responsible for leading all aspects of Information Technology at City West Water. This involves ensuring the development and implementation of our digital journey and is a critical enabler of City West Water’s Business Strategy and Achievement Culture.

Louise Meadows - General Manager, People and Safety

Louise is responsible for leading all aspects of Human Resources and Organisational Development at City West Water. This involves the development and implementation of strategy and initiatives that align our people to the achievement of City West Water’s corporate and strategic objectives.

Amanda Smith - General Manager, Infrastructure and Delivery

Amanda leads City West Water’s operations, maintenance, and capital delivery functions in one of the fastest-growing regions in Melbourne. Her team plays a crucial role in ensuring City West Water provides essential services to its customers and community and builds on its strong relationships with delivery partners. 

In August 2019, Amanda was recognised as one of Victoria’s Top 50 Public Sector Women for her achievements in supporting sustainable development and community wellbeing.

Rohan Charrett - General Manager, Customer Experience

Rohan is responsible for ensuring CWW delivers exceptional services to both residential and business customers across our major contact channels, including a multi-skilled customer contact centre, face to face engagement, digital services, credit and hardship programs.

Richard Smith – General Manager, Strategy and Planning

Richard is responsible for leading the transformation in the way City West Water develops and executes its business strategies and plans and in particular how it will deliver on its vision ‘to be an exceptional service provider that puts customers first and benefits the community’.

This role also includes delivery of plans ranging from our Corporate Plan, through to Pricing Submission and significant Asset Management Plans. In addition to this the group is responsible for maximising value obtained from our asset portfolio through the implementation of innovative solutions to customer problems. This function also includes external communications and community engagement.


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