What we do

Our core business is the delivery of clean drinking and recycled water to our customers.

Our Customers First strategy has been guided by what our customers want and value. It commits us to delivering services that are safe, affordable and reliable whilst being accessible and easy to deal with.

Each year we supply around 93 billion litres of drinking water to our customers and transfer approximately 94 per cent of the sewage and trade waste we collect to Melbourne Water’s Western Treatment Plant in Werribee. The remaining six per cent is treated at our Altona Treatment Plant.

In addition to our core business, we have many programs and policies in place like our Community and Social Involvement Strategy, Environmental Sustainability Plan, Cleaner Production Strategy and residential water conservation activities, to help us achieve our vision to be a truly sustainable water business.

Information on these programs and more can be found throughout this website and in the Our Environment and Community sections.

Our customers are more than just someone who pays a bill. Our customers are anyone who lives, works or even visits our service area. It is our customers who are at the forefront of what we do. Everything we do and every decision we make starts with our customer.

Our performance

Each year, we are audited by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) for how we have performed against our service standards.

We are also compared to all other Victorian water corporations and how they fared in the previous year.

Where we fit in

Along with the other two metropolitan water retailers, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water, City West Water purchases bulk water and sewerage services from our wholesaler, Melbourne Water.
We also work with the other water retailers and Melbourne Water to develop water conservation plans and cross-industry contingency plans, which are put in place to deal with emergency situations and to manage our water resources.

Melbourne Water manages Melbourne’s water supply catchments and dams, removes and treats most of Melbourne’s sewage and manages rivers, creeks and major drainage systems in and around Melbourne.
City West Water services the local government areas of Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melbourne (north of the Yarra River), Moonee Valley, Wyndham, Yarra and parts of Melton and Hume.



What we do

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We provide water, sewerage, trade waste and where available, recycled water services

to more than 1 million residents and 40,000 businesses in Melbourne’s central business district

and inner and western suburbs.

We supply around 100 billion litres of drinking water to customers

and our supply feeds more than 32,000 hydrants for use in emergencies.

Every day you use water at home, at work and in the community;

you drink it, fill your water bottle,

flush the toilet,

have a shower, brush your teeth

along with all the other things we do on a daily basis that uses water;

and unless an incident directly impacts you, or when you receive your water bill,

do you ever think about how City West Water delivers this service to you?

Here’s a snapshot of what your water bill pays for...

We employ more than 550 staff and contractors – from engineers, to customer service staff,

from maintenance crews to corporate services,

from accountants to data analysts;

all these staff are proudly located in the western suburbs of Melbourne with many of them also calling the west home.

City West Water has more than 4000 kilometres of sewer mains and 4500 kilometres of water mains,

that’s a trip to Broome and back with a few kilometres to spare.

Some of our mains are more than 100 years old and our staff and contractors

have to manage their performance including bursts or leaks.

These mains service more than 1 million residents and 40,000 businesses,

across some of the fastest growing suburbs in Australia,

which means we're also constantly planning for future needs.

Our customers use water and sewerage services throughout the day and night.

This includes hospitals, houses, sports grounds, recreational areas

as well as businesses and manufacturers.

In addition, City West Water also removes more than 14 billion litres of trade waste

from our business customers each year.

Trade waste is liquid waste from commercial businesses and industry that is discharged to the sewer.

We continue to work with our customers and the community to achieve efficient use of water

and aim to balance the needs of our customers and the environment.

Our recycled water treatment plants use the latest technology to

produce high quality recycled water from the flow in our sewer.

This water can be used to maintain our sports grounds and reserves.

To deliver all these services, City West Water have staff on call 24 hours a day,

seven days a week, and if something goes wrong, and sometimes it does,

you can be assured that we will be working to rectify it as soon as we can.

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