Water Outlook 2021

Every year, Greater Western Water, Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water and South East Water come together to assess and predict impacts to the city’s water storages for the coming year and produce the annual Water Outlook.

Released on 1 December each year, the Water Outlook provides the community with water supply and usage information for the next 12 months.

Melbourne’s Water Outlook 2021 reports that water storage levels are secure for the next 12 months following a year of higher than average rainfall and the contribution from the desalination plant. This means storage levels are at their highest since October 2015.

The Water Outlook also shows that Melburnians have reduced household water use over the last year to an average of 157 litres per person per day, the lowest since 2011.

However, with the impacts of climate change likely to result in greater weather variability, extended drought and dry conditions in the years ahead, the report recommends a resilient and flexible approach to safeguard and manage water supplies into the future.

Permanent Water Use Rules will remain to ensure Victorians use water more efficiently and encourage everyone to value our precious resource for the long term.

The Water Outlook 2021 also outlines:

  • the total volume of water in the water storages
  • current water usage patterns for Melbourne
  • forecast climate conditions and what this means for Melbourne
  • possible programs and projects developed by Melbourne’s water authorities

View Melbourne Water's water storage levels for more information on dam storage levels, average catchment rainfall, flow into dams and water use.


The Water Outlook for Melbourne

Each year Greater Western Water collaborates with other metropolitan water retailers and Melbourne Water to produce the Water Outlook.

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