Water Outlook 2020

The Water Outlook is developed by City West Water, Melbourne Water, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water.

It is released on 1 December each year and provides the community with water supply and usage information for the next 12 months.

The Water Outlook 2020 notes that while the city is in for a warmer than average summer, Melbourne’s water supply is secure for the next 12 months and that it is unlikely water restrictions will be required.

However, permanent water saving rules and Target 155 remain in place to encourage Melburnians to use water wisely.

The Water Outlook outlines:

  • the total volume of water in the water storages
  • current water usage patterns for Melbourne
  • forecast climate conditions
  • possible programs and projects developed by Melbourne’s water authorities.

The Water Outlook provides more detail and greater certainty on water supply over each 12 month period, reducing impacts on the community, and allowing Melbourne’s water corporations to implement the best options in the face of each situation.

View Melbourne Water's water storage levels for more information on dam storage levels, average catchment rainfall, flow into dams and water use.


The Water Outlook for Melbourne

Each year City West Water collaborates with other metropolitan water retailers and Melbourne Water to produce the Water Outlook.

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