Urban Water Strategy

We plan to deliver long-term reliable services now and in the future. This is how we’ll do it.

We’ve written an Urban Water Strategy (UWS) that guides the delivery of our water supply and sewerage services for the next 50 years. The Strategy is reviewed every five years to ensure the direction is appropriate and continually meeting our customers’ expectations.

Writing the strategy involved talking with our customers, assessing opportunities and collaborating with our water industry colleagues to determine an approach that will ensure there is enough water for:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • The environment
  • Green spaces that promote healthy lifestyles and cool our suburbs.

We commit to delivering reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally responsible water and wastewater services for our customers now and into the future and the UWS outlines our approach to make good on our commitment.

We invite you to learn more through these resources and be part of our continued customer engagement to have your say about our approach and our services.

Water Strategy resources

Please note: the following videos and documents apply to properties previously serviced by City West Water. We are in the process of updating these for Greater Western Water.

Updated strategies can be found on our Reports, Strategies and Plans page


An introduction to the Urban Water Strategy

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TEXT ON SCREEN: City West Water logo

Hi. My name's Cameron FitzGerald and I'm

the General Manager, Strategy and

Planning at City West Water. City West

water proudly serves more than 1 million

residential customers and 40,000

businesses in Melbourne CBD inner and

western suburbs. Our vision is to be an

exceptional service provider that puts

customers first and benefits the

community. As part of this vision we've

carefully crafted an urban water

strategy to plan our water supply and

sewage services for the next 50 years. So

what's the Urban Water Strategy all

about? The Urban Water Strategy sets out

our approach to ensure there is enough

water for homes, businesses, the

environment and green spaces that

promote healthy lifestyles and cool our

suburbs. Sewage and our sewerage services

will continue to be managed to protect

public health and the environment. The

strategy takes into account the views of

our diverse customer base who want

reliable access to safe and affordable

water services. It takes into account a

changing climate.

For example the annual days in Melbourne

above 35 degrees are set to increase

from 9 to 26 in the next 50 years.

We're also going to see less rainfall in our

region compared to the south and eastern

suburbs. The strategy also focuses on our

rapidly growing and complex service area.

We serve Melbourne's CBD - a growing

economic and tourist hub. We also serve a

rapidly growing population. Melbourne's

population in the west is currently 1

million today and is expected to hit 2.3

million in 50 years time. Finally we

serve the greatest concentration of

industrial customers in Melbourne.

So what's the plan? The urban water strategy

is centered around five key pillars.

We want to make every drop count. We want to

supply quality water from a range of

sources. We are going to continue to manage

wastewater for a cleaner environment.

We're going to build partnerships that

lead to livable communities and we're

going to engage with our customers to

plan and invest in what they value. It's

all part of our commitment to putting

customers first and benefiting the


You can take a look for yourself at how

City West Water is ensuring your water

supply on the urban water strategy page

of our website.

supply on the urban water strategy page

of our website.

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