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City West Water

Saving water

Want to reduce the cost of your water bill, create a greener garden or recycle your water – we’ve got the tips and advice that can help.


Saving water at home

Here’s an overview of where a typical household uses most of its water*.

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Saving water and energy at work

We offer businesses a range of opportunities and resources to help you save water and energy around your business.

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Target 155

Target 155 is the maximum amount of water each of us should try to use each day – 155 litres.

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Permanent water saving rules

What rules, restrictions and responsibilities are currently in affect for Victorians?

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Recycled water

Discover how recycled water is delivered and can be used around your property.

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Rainwater and greywater

Discover how to use alternative water around your home.

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Stormwater harvesting

City West Water is leading the way in developing stormwater harvesting projects across the western suburbs of Melbourne.

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Sustainable gardening

Create a sustainable green space for your home, school or community - its good for your health and the environment.

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