Progress on our customer commitments

To ensure you receive the best possible service from us, every five years we present a set of customer commitments to the Essential Services Commission through our Pricing Submission. 

In consultation with our customers, we made six customer outcome commitments in 2018:

  • Outcome 1 – Services to my home and business are safe, reliable and efficiently managed
  • Outcome 2 – Customer service is accessible and my enquiries are resolved promptly
  • Outcome 3 – Billing and payment options are efficient and convenient
  • Outcome 4 – Customers in hardship are supported
  • Outcome 5 – The whole of the water cycle is managed in an environmentally sustainable way
  • Outcome 6 – City West Water is a valued partner in servicing a growing Melbourne

We are on track to deliver four of our six commitments to you, with action plans in place to make improvements on the remaining two. 

Progress on our customer commitments

We are working on improvements to meet our commitments in 2019-20:

  • While we continued to meet all quality regulations, we have received a higher-than-usual number of water quality complaints.  We are monitoring the situation closely and are working with Melbourne Water to improve water quality across our service area.
  • Dry soil conditions over last summer have caused an increase in the number of bursts and leaks in our pipe network. This has caused an increase in unplanned water supply interruptions experienced by our customers.  Our teams continue to work to manage interruptions so that, where possible, our works are planned rather than unplanned and we keep you updated.
  • Our service area is experiencing unprecedented levels of land development.  Our teams are working closely with the development industry to increase application turn-around times for developers and builders. 

View our performance from 2018-19 for more information.

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