Drought Preparedness Plan

Our Drought Preparedness Plan - an important mechanism to assist management of water shortages

In order to enhance Melbourne’s preparedness, this Drought Preparedness Plan is predicated on the following key components:

  • the preparedness of Greater Western Water to optimise and manage its water portfolio to mitigate future uncertainty
  • the capacity and ability of Greater Western Water to promptly react to drought or water shortage events
  • the preparedness of our customers, if such an event occurred, to manage their open spaces, gardens and other critical assets; and
  • a shared commitment to ensuring critical community assets remain sustainable and viable.


Please note: the following documents apply to properties previously serviced by City West Water only. To check if these charters are relevant to your property of business, go to gww.com.au and enter your postcode. You can also contact us on 13 44 99.

Also take a look at our Water Outlook section for more water supply and usage information.

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