Overarching legislation

The way in which we manage our business is guided by several pieces of legislation and associated instruments.

The key legislative instruments that apply to our operations are as follows:

Water Act 1989 – this Act has the following purposes (among others):

  • to promote the orderly, equitable and efficient use of water resources
  • to make sure that water resources are conserved and properly managed for sustainable use for the benefit of present and future Victorians
  • to foster the provision of responsible and efficient water services suited to various needs and various consumers
  • provide formal means for the protection and enhancement of the environmental qualities of waterways and their in-stream uses.

Water Industry Act 1994 – Sets out some objectives for our regulator, the Essential Services Commission, and provides for the development of a ‘Water Industry Regulatory Order’ and ‘Statement(s) of Obligations’ that apply to Government-owned water corporations.

Water Industry Regulatory Order 2014 (Victoria Government Gazette, G43, 23 October 2014, pp2485-2491) – the purpose of this Order is to provide a framework for economic regulation by the Essential Services Commission for services provided by the regulated water industry.

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