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City West Water

Our environment

Learn all about our environmental programs and priorities.

Our vision is to be an exceptional service provider that puts customers first and benefits the community. We are driven to care for and where possible enhance the environment.

This section provides you with information on our environmental priorities, how they are managed and how we are progressing on our objectives in each area. Articulating our environmental direction helps our staff understand their role in advancing our environmental goals. The information included in this section forms our Environmental Sustainability Plan 4 for 2013 to 2018.

How we manage our environmental activities

Our ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System provides the framework by which we manage our Environmental Risks and Regulatory obligations.



How we contribute to broader environmental issues in Melbourne’s west

We facilitate Greening the West - a collaborative program that aims to positively impact the health status, climate and liveability of the environment of Melbourne’s west by increasing the tree canopy cover and vegetation. 

How we contribute to ensuring the sustainability of Victoria’s water supplies

We provide funding towards initiatives to improve the sustainable management of water across Victoria through an environmental contribution to the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning.
We work with the broader water industry to advance environmental issues through the Water Services Association of Australia

How we can assist you in achieving your sustainability goals

  • Business

Around your business you can improve water efficiency through our Business Resource Efficiency Program. We can help you to save energy, reduce waste and improve your business’s bottom line.

  • Residential

Around your home you can improve water and energy efficiency and save money using our Residential Water Efficiency Programs.

  • Community

We invest in our community as a way to build relationships and develop partnerships with our many stakeholders. The support we offer can include: financial support for community groups and the mobile water fountain

Where we are going

Our business is guided by our vision, mission and goals. These include a number of environmental goals which set the direction for our environmental management. 

Delivering our environmental management actions

Responsibility for delivering on environmental actions for our priority environmental areas is monitored through our Environmental Management System. Overall direction for environmental management is outlined in our Environmental Policy which is reviewed regularly by our board.

CWW has previously had a Sustainability Policy in addition to our Environmental Policy. However, we have since merged these two Policies. Any reference to a Sustainability Policy should now refer to our Environmental Policy.

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