Sanctuary Lakes Sewer Upgrade Project

We are constructing a sewer pipeline in the Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club and local streets to improve the reliability of sewer system.

Sanctuary lakes sewer upgrade

When are works taking place?

Construction works are scheduled to begin in August and will take approximately three months to complete. Working hours will be between 7.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 7.00am and 3.00pm on Saturdays.

Why are these works being undertaken?

The Sanctuary Lakes vacuum sewer operates differently to the gravity sewerage system that services most of City West Water’s area. The system needs a degree of special care to operate reliably.

To ensure the system keeps pace with the area’s rapidly growing population, City West Water is constructing a new sewer main from the pump station adjacent to Vaucluse Boulevard through the Sanctuary Lakes Golf Course to Spinnaker Rise.

Will water supply be interrupted during these works?


Will works disrupt the Sanctuary Lakes golf course?

Yes. The new sewer pipe alignment runs across the golf course, impacting holes 15 and 16. Changes will be made to the course while works are underway. We are working closely with Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club to ensure disruptions are minimised and works are expedited. Please contact the Club for information on changes to the course.

Will pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles be able to continue to use local streets during construction?

Yes. Pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles will be able to access local streets during the works. Traffic management will be in place to safely guide pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles around the works. Car parking and driveway access may be temporarily disrupted and we will contact you prior to any disruptions.

Will there be night works or weekend works?

Where possible, construction works in Sanctuary Lakes will be undertaken during weekdays. However, weekend works may be required in order to allow for more efficient construction so we can complete the project as soon as possible.

What is a vacuum sewerage system?

Due to the flat ground and relatively high underground water levels at Sanctuary Lakes, this development has been provided with a vacuum sewerage system. A vacuum sewerage system is made up of three main components:

1. House connections – Each house in the Sanctuary Lakes has normal gravity plumbing connecting the sink, baths, laundry and toilets to a pit in the street. This plumbing is no different to any other common sewerage system.

2. Collection pit and valve – Pits located in the street collect sewage from four or more houses and contain a special valve connected to a central vacuum pump. When the pit fills to a set level, the valve opens and the sewage is sucked away to the vacuum pump. When the pit empties, the valve shuts again.

Typical vacuum sewerage system

3. Vacuum pipes and pump – A series of pipes connect all the pits to the central vacuum pump. This pump operates automatically to maintain a strong vacuum across the whole area. It discharges the sewage to City West Water’s main sewerage system.

How to stay informed about the project

Thank you for your patience during these essential works. 

You can stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter @citywestwater or our Facebook page.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact our Project Team on:

Project enquiries:

Contact Person: Allison Newland
Phone Number: 03 9313 8305 or 0407 303 756
24 Hour Hotline: 132 642

Construction enquiries:

Contact Person: Murray White, Comdain
Phone Number: 0429 588 059

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