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Lonsdale Street Sewer Upgrade

The Lonsdale Street Sewer Upgrade is at Stage 2 of a 4 stage Strategy to install second sewer network to meet the expected growth in Melbourne’s CBD.

CBD Sewer Upgrade Project - July 2019

The Lonsdale Street Sewer Upgrade is at Stage 2 of a 4 stage Strategy to install a second sewer network to meet the expected growth in Melbourne’s CBD.

This project builds on the success of Stage 1 (Spencer Street Sewer Upgrade), which was completed in December 2018.

  • What works are we undertaking?

We will be constructing a new sewer line that will span approximately 900 metres, from Elizabeth Street to the new connection at Spencer Street to the west.

  • Why does this upgrade needs to be completed?

The current CBD sewer network is approximately 120 years old and is nearing full capacity The Victoria in Future 2019 report estimates growth of approximately 123,000 new apartments (CBD, dockland and Southbank) over the next 17 years. To make sure we can continue to deliver a safe and reliable sewerage service to people living and working in the CBD, it is essential that we increase the capacity of the sewer network.

  • Where are the works?

The new sewer line will be 900m in length, and will extend between Elizabeth Street along Lonsdale Street and connect into the recently installed sewer line at Spencer Street.

  • Where are we up to?

The contractor was appointed in July 2019. The next stage will involve undertaking detailed design work, which will include confirming existing service locations, geotechnical work, and further consultation with stakeholders and community. For more information, please see below.

  • When are the early works scheduled to take place?

The early investigation works will commence from 5-23 August 2019. The works will include drilling a small number of bore holes near the intersections of King, William, Queen and Elizabeth Street between 9.30am – 3.30pm (Monday – Friday).

There will be changed traffic conditions during these works.

  • Who is doing the works

Following a competitive tender process, Rob Carr Pty Ltd has been appointed to undertake the design and construction work on behalf of City West Water. Rob Carr is a highly skilled and experienced contractor who has worked on other large scale projects in complex environments. SMEC has been appointed as project designer.

  • What to expect during these works?

There will be changed conditions around the sites at Elizabeth St, William Street and Spencer St. Following detailed design work, we will be able to provide additional information about traffic impacts and other changes in the project area during construction.

When will construction start?

  • Following detailed design and service location activities, we expect site setup will commence in approximately September with construction to follow thereafter.
  • The project is scheduled to be completed by December 2020.

How will the new sewer be constructed?

  • Construction will be done using a tunnel boring machine, with the tunnel boring machine (TBM), being launched from a shaft between King and William streets.
  • We will retrieve the TBM from additional temporary shafts at the following locations:
    • Elizabeth Street; and then Spencer Street

Additional information will be provided following the completion of detailed design work in advance of construction commencement.

How deep is the sewer?

The new sewer will be installed at depths of between 11 and 23 metres below street level (depending on surface topography).

Will I still be able to access my building?

There will be no changes to building access for pedestrians or drivers needing to access off-street parking. 

Who is doing the work?

Rob Carr Pty Ltd, a suitable skilled and experienced contractor will undertake the detailed design and construction work on behalf of City West Water. SMEC has been appointed as project designer.

Will there be any impacts to my services?

Water and sewerage services will be not be impacted by these works and the project team is working with other service providers to ensure construction remains clear of all underground tunnels, wires, cables and pipes.

How are you working with other projects in the CBD?

We are aware of the complex construction environment that exists in Melbourne CBD, and we are working closely with key stakeholders, such as Melbourne City Council, Victoria Police, Metro Tunnel Project, Magistrates Court, transport operators and utility providers.
We will continue these discussions through our design and construction program to minimise the impacts as much as possible.

What are the impacts to parking and bus services?

We understand how critical the bus services are to those who rely on them to get to and from the CBD. We are working with Melbourne City Council, Public Transport Victoria and Transdev to ensure continued and reliable bus operations in the area and will provide further updates on any alterations to services.

Some parking spaces on Lonsdale St will no longer be available during construction due to work compounds and changes to east and westbound traffic lanes. We will provide further information about this as soon as possible.

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