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City West Water

M205 Carlton Water Main Renewal Project

This project is an essential upgrade to ensure safe and secure water supply for Carlton, Carlton North and the inner city for years to come.

The project includes installing 2.3km of new pipe along Canning Street, between Faraday Street and Park Street. Construction works started in August 2019 and are anticipated to be completed in mid-2020.

Project update 5 February 2020

January has been a very productive for the M205 project team, as we celebrate the approach of the halfway mark on Canning Street.
Stage 4 bore works are progressing beneath Princes Street. The 8m deep launch shaft, located by the Neill Street reserve, has been excavated and the bore machine has been lowered in and is expected to reach the northern side of Princes Street by mid-February. We will then excavate the retrieval shaft to remove the bore machine soon after. The watermain pipe that will be fed through the underground tunnel will then be connected to the rest of the pipeline, and this area will be reinstated and returned to the community.

Stage 5 trenching works are being completed simultaneously, with the crew currently working on the section of Canning Street between Newry and Fenwick streets. These works are moving at a phenomenal speed, with the Davis to Newry Street section already reinstated and returned to the community. Next the construction crew will complete the section between Newry and Fenwick streets and then progress to the Fenwick to Richardson Street section. The remaining 2 sections on Canning Street will be completed in the next couple of months before we move onto the works on Park Street and Nicholson Street. Once all trenching works are complete, we will do a full asphalt re-sheet on Canning Street between Princes and Park Street and return Canning Street to the community.

The updated staging map provided below shows the timeline of the remaining works.


Current detour route

Southbound bicycle riders on Canning Street will be detoured around the construction site, turning right onto Richardson Street then left onto Rathdowne Street. Bicycle riders can then continue south towards the city on Rathdowne Street or turn left at Kay Street to return to Canning Street.

Northbound commuters can continue to use Canning Street as normal, with no changes to this route.

To ensure your own safety, and that of pedestrians and our construction team, we ask that people who choose to ride on Canning Street please avoid riding on the wrong side of the road, or on footpaths. We recommend following the detour route, or walking your bike past the construction site.

City West Water has established a Community Reference Group (CRG) in Carlton/Carlton North as a way to share information with the community about construction impacts, answer questions on construction activities.

M205 Community Projects

City West Water has committed to delivering value to our customers through a community project, or community projects that will enhance the liveability of the area.

What work are we undertaking?

City West Water (CWW) is replacing a 2.3km section of water main pipe that provides water to Carlton, Carlton North and the Inner City. The current pipe runs under Nicholson Street and is almost 140 years old and needs to be replaced. The new main will be relocated to Canning Street with a pipe almost double in size to meet future capacity needs as our city grows.

Who is undertaking the work?

City West Water is working with Jaydo as its construction partner to deliver the M205 Renewal Project.

What to expect

Work hours will include construction work on Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm. If weekend or night works are required you will receive advance notification.

Impacts during the project are expected to include temporary road closures, temporary reduction of on-street parking, changes to private property access, noise, dust and vibration from construction activity.

To minimise impacts, work will be carried out in sections and each area reinstated when works move on to the next section.

Safety is a key priority. During construction, the work site will be fenced off with temporary fencing. Traffic controllers will be onsite to help road users and pedestrians navigate the area safely. Southbound bicycle riders will need be detoured to choose an alternative route around the temporary road closures for safety.

We will work closely with Yarra City Council, Melbourne City Council, Bicycle Network Victoria, residents, traders and other key user groups to identify and manage impacts.

We will provide you with regular updates and advanced notice prior to road and property access changes.

Where are the works?

The work will be carried out in the southbound lane of Canning Street and will be carried out in sections. The map below shows where we will be working during each stage of the project.

What is the timeline?

Construction started August 2019 and will finish mid-2020.


Estimated timing


Project announcement 

15 February 2019

Share project information with stakeholders and community and introduce Jaydo as our project construction partner.

Site investigations

February to July 2019

Understanding ground conditions, surveying and locating electronic services to inform functional design.

Community and stakeholder engagement

Commence February and is ongoing

Working with all stakeholders and community throughout the planning, construction and reinstatement stages to keep you informed and minimise impact. Feedback about construction impacts and community projects will be considered as part of the project’s planning process.

Community Reference Group

June 2019

The Community Reference Group had its first meeting 20 June 2019.

Community Projects

July 2019

Customers contribute ideas for the community projects.

Functional designs

February to July 2019

Finalise the design and update community and stakeholders.

Site mobilisation

12 August 2019

Set-up off site offices
Machinery and equipment delivered to site

Construction starts

19 August 2019

Main construction activity.

Community projects

October 2019

Update on community projects to be short listed.

Construction complete

Mid 2020

Project completion:
pack up construction site and 
final reinstate to its pre-existing condition, prior to the works taking place.

How to stay informed about the project.

Sign up for project email updates.

For general enquiries please contact:

Our project number on 1300 105 041 or email


It is not expected that any service interruptions will occur, however should we need to interrupt your service, we will contact you beforehand.

There will be localised impacts such as noise, dust and vibrations. The construction team will manage noise from equipment such as generators and power tools by operating within Environment Protection Authority (EPA) decibel limits. Works will be limited to EPA guideline hours only.

Mesh fencing around the construction site will minimise dust generated by activities such as drilling and excavating. To assist with keeping the construction dust out of residences and buildings, we suggest that you keep your front windows and doors closed where possible during times of peak construction. Levels of vibrations will be monitored during these activities. However, if you have any concerns about the level of vibration you are experiencing, please contact the project team.

To avoid major impacts where Canning Street intersects with Elgin and Princes streets, we will be tunnelling underneath the road using a Micro Tunnelling Boring Machine (MTBM)

The pipeline currently in Nicholson Street was installed almost 140 years ago and is nearing the end of its design life. The new pipe needs to be installed to ensure the community continues to receive clean drinking water. The new pipe will also be larger in diameter to meet the growing needs of the community into the future.

The current cast iron pipe was laid some 140 years ago has serviced the community well but has now deteriorated has and has come to the end of its design life. This results in leaks and a high potential for failure which will have a huge impact on the community. The pipe also needs to be relocated as the upcoming installation of the Yarra Trams super stops on Nicholson Street will make it very hard to access the pipe for maintenance and repair.

The new pipe will be almost double in size and meet the current and future needs of a growing Melbourne for the next 140 years.

City West Water engaged KBR to undertake an independently led analysis using a Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA) to review options based on many factors such as community, impacts, future needs, and available resources.

A Multi Criteria Analysis is a structured framework that investigates, analyses and suggests possible options to resolve complex decisions beyond looking at solutions based on monetary value. . A Multi Criteria Analysis is a structured framework which is used to investigate, analyse and suggest possible options to resolve complex decisions.

As the MCA is independently led, the results of the analysis can provide confidence that all factors are considered in a methodological manner without bias. City West Water also sought the input from subject matter experts such as local government, other water and infrastructure authorities and construction companies and arborists.

We understand there is a lot of work happening in the local area. This is due to increases in development and population as well as aging infrastructure that needs upgrading. We need to do this project now due to the condition of the pipe to ensure you have access to clean drinking water. The pipe also needs to be relocated due to the upcoming installation of tram super stops along Nicholson Street, which will make it very hard to access the pipe for maintenance and repair.

There will be parking changes along the alignment. When working in local streets residents are required to park their cars outside of this area to ensure a safe working zone. We will work with residents near work areas to maintain pedestrian access to private property and open up areas when it is safe to do so.

Residents who are required to relocate their car will be provided with direct notification. All parking permit holders within the Canning Street area will be able to park anywhere within their allocated zones during this time.

Traffic diversions are necessary to ensure the safety of all road users. We understand this may cause an inconvenience to some riders and we appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time Our Traffic Management Plans take into account all road users and will utilise a number of methods to ensure ease of access and safety. This includes information distribution through bicycle groups, signage, traffic management controllers and bicycle diversion plans if applicable.

If you use Canning Street to ride to work, you will have the option of:

  • Continuing to ride your bike on Canning Street and using the signed detour around the section closed for works, or;
  • Choosing an alternative street, such as Rathdowne, Drummond or Station Street to avoid the isolated temporary road closures along Canning St. This option will be better suited to bike riders when we are delivering works between Park and Princes Street from late 2019

Local closures and detours will only affect southbound riders heading towards the city. All northbound cyclists can continue to use Canning Street as usual normal.

Please tell us what you think.
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