M205 Carlton Water Main Renewal Project

This project is an essential upgrade to ensure safe and secure water supply for Carlton, Carlton North and the inner city for years to come.

The project installed 2.3km of new pipe along Canning Street, between Faraday Street and Park Street. Construction works started in August 2019 and are now completed. 

M205 Project Update October 2020

M205 October 2020

The construction of the new M205 water main is now complete. The 13-month construction commenced at Barkly Street, Carlton and tracked north along the eastern side of Canning Street to finish on Park Street, Carlton North. The project team have reinstated the area, leaving Canning Street with a brand-new road surface with upgraded bike lane markings and a number of community investment projects delivered across the project area, with more still to come.

In September, the team finalised the cross connection on Fenwick and Church Street, either side of Nicholson Street, to link the new water main on Canning Street to the existing network. The Capital City Trail was reinstated and reopened to the community, with a section of the bike path widened along with the installation of a drinking fountain.

The new water main on Canning Street has been tested and sanitised and is now an active part of the water network, successfully renewing and upgrading this important service. The 140-year-old main on Nicholson Street has been decommissioned and removed from the water network.

Bike detour

The detour for southbound riders is now removed and cyclists can return to Canning Street. The widening of the crossovers on Canning Street at Curtain and Lee streets, along with the changes to the bike lane line markings and the installation of additional bike infrastructure along the route, such as new bike hoops at the Neill St reserve, were installed as a way to say thank you for the patience and cooperation demonstrated by the cycling community during construction and the interruptions this brought to the busy route.

Community Projects

We committed to delivering value to our customers through a community project, that will enhance the liveability of the area. These projects will provide community liveability improvements that will delivered within the project area, as a way for us to thank the community for their patience while we complete our works.

The projects are focused on improvements to urban greening, urban design and access to water. Projects within the City of Yarra have now been completed and include:

  • Footpath trees on Canning Street (Park to Princes streets)
  • Footpath and roadside trees on Drummond Street (Richardson to Princes streets)
  • Bike hoops near Gowrie Victoria Carlton Nth and Nth Carlton Children’s Centre
  • Drinking fountain (located at Capital City Trail)

Projects within the City of Melbourne that are currently being finalised include; Neill Street Reserve and Barkly Street round about: urban design improvements, bike hoops, plantings and water station.

Community Reference Group

We established a Community Reference Group (CRG) in Carlton/Carlton North as a way to share information with the community about construction impacts, answer questions on construction activities and provide an opportunity to input into community projects that will be delivered to the community at the completion of our works. The CRG comprised of stakeholders and community members who represent the views and interests of residents, traders and community groups. Thank you to all the members for their participation and input to the project.

View the Community Reference Group Terms of Reference

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the meetings are provided as pdf documents. If you require an alternative format please contact us. Our project number on 1300 105 041 or email M205@gww.com.au.

Thank You

We would like to thank the community for their continued support throughout the construction of the project. Your patience, understanding and involvement were integral in completing the essential upgrade, and will deliver the communities of Carlton, Carlton North and the many inner city suburbs of Melbourne with a safe and secure water supply that will support consumer demand for many generations to come.

Contacting the project

The Project Information Centre at 326 Park Street is now closed.

If you have any queries relating to the M205 project or the community investment projects, please email m205@gww.com.au or contact 13 44 99.

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