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Arden Street Water Main Renewal Project

We are replacing the 128 year old water main in Arden Street, North Melbourne.

The section of main to be replaced is 860 metres long, with works beginning at the intersection of Dryburgh and Arden Streets, and continuing down Lloyd Street.

Preliminary works commenced on 10 January 2018 and the project will be completed by July 2018.

Project update – 5 July 2018

Temporary water supply

We have completed the majority of works along Arden Street and Lloyd Street and now need to complete the pipe along Lloyd Street under the rail bridge and past Bakehouse Road.

To install the new pipe we need to connect your property to a temporary water supply for approximately two (2) weeks from Saturday 14 July to Saturday 28 July 2018.

In order to connect your property to the temporary supply there will be an interruption to your water supply for up to four (4) hours from 7.30am to 11.30am on Saturday 14 July 2018.

To reconnect your property to the new water supply there will be an interruption to your water supply for up to four (4) hours from 7.30am to 11.30am on Saturday 28 July 2018.

What does this mean for you?

  • During both water interruptions your property will not have a water supply.
  • Drinking water will be available from a tap on a nearby fire hydrant during the interruption.
  • The above ground water pipe will take up a small amount of room on the footpath.
  • The temporary water supply will be above ground and the cold water may be warmer.
  • You may notice a slight decrease in water pressure during periods of peak demand.

Before the water supply is interrupted we suggest that you:

  • store water in containers for cooking and drinking
  • fill your sink/bathtub with water for washing
  • fill a bucket with water for flushing the toilet
  • turn off all taps and appliances that use water (this helps avoid air getting into your pipes).

When your water supply has been restored, simply turn on an outside tap at the rear of the property or an internal tap if living in an apartment, until the water runs clear.

Thank you for your patience during these essential works. Every effort will be made to minimise any inconvenience to you during this time and we will keep you informed of our progress.

If you would like more information about this project, please contact our Project Team on:

City West Water enquiries
Rachael Anthony on 03 9313 8884
Senior Community Engagement Advisor

24 hour Hotline on 132 642

Construction-related enquiries
Bill Ozzimo on 0418 122 310
Project Manager, Ansina Pty Ltd

Project Works Map

Why is this upgrade needed?

The current line was installed in 1889, and is nearing the end of its operational life. The replacement pipe will ensure you continue to receive clean drinking water and we meet the growing needs of your community.

The area is expected to house 25,000 new residents in 12,500 new dwellings and provide employment for 43,500 people across industrial, retail and commercial sectors. The Melbourne Metro Rail Authority is also constructing a new station at Arden Street.

Will pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles be able to continue to use Arden Street during construction?

Yes. While there will be temporary disruptions while the pipeline is installed, traffic management will be in place to assist you to move through the area. The construction team will lay the pipe in small sections to minimise the extent of disruptions.

How to stay informed about the project

Stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter @citywestwater and Facebook @cwwater.

If you have any questions about the project, please email us at


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