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What you can do

Responding to environmental issues require support and action from everyone.

We are taking actions to reduce our environmental impacts. This page outlines actions that you can take as an individual, business or with your community. Living Greener website is also a good online starting point for ideas on living more sustainably.

Water Supply Management

Sewerage System Management

Energy Management

  • A significant portion of household energy use is consumed in your shower due to hot water usage. Reduce the amount of water and energy you use with our Shower Head Exchange Program.
  • Reduce energy usage by implementing water efficiency with assistance from our Business Resource Efficiency Program.
  • Access financing and support for energy efficiency activities through our co-operative partners Sustainability Victoria, Sustainable Melbourne Fund.

Flora and Fauna

  • Create your own sustainable waterwise garden with advice from our healthy urban habitat website.
  • Plant native flora endemic to your area to attract native birds and wildlife.
  • Get involved with rehabilitating flora and fauna by volunteering with Landcare Australia.

Waste Management

  • Minimise your personal waste through recycling and waste reduction.
  • Reduce your trade waste impacts through our Business Resource Efficiency Program.
  • Access support on reducing waste through support from Sustainability Victoria.
  • Begin or progress your business journey through the waste hierarchy with A taste of waste (PDF 8630KB).


  • Reduce the amount of bottles you buy and save money by refilling drink bottles using tap water.
  • Improve your business resource use by following the Australian Governments Sustainable Procurement Guide.

Climate Resilience

  • Learn about Climate Change Science and Solutions for Australia.
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