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Sewerage management

Objective: Sewage is viewed and utilised as a valuable resource. Sewage management ensures the environment is protected.

Why sewerage management is important

The sewerage system carries sewage from people’s homes and businesses to treatment plants that enable it to be reused or safely disposed of to the environment. Sewage transported through the network contains valuable resources: energy, nutrients and water which can be recovered and reused.

What we are doing about it

We work hard to protect the safety of the community and the environment. Programs include:

  • An Environmental Management System, accredited by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO 14001).
  • An Integrated Sewage Quality Management System, accredited by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO 22000).
  • A program to renew our existing sewer assets driven by a triple bottom line risk management model.
  • A SCADA control system to provide real time monitoring of faults in the sewerage system.
  • An Operation Control Centre to respond and dispatch staff in the event of a fault in our system.
  • Recycled Water Environmental Improvement Plans and Health and Environmental Management Plans to ensure recycled water is safely supplied and used.
  • Field auditing ensures new sewer assets meet strict design standards.
  • Emergency management procedures.
  • An Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy that seeks to identify and enable the supply of recycled water from sewage where needed.

We recycle wastewater from the Altona Treatment Plant and at the Sunshine Golf Club, and other schemes are in the development phase. We also reuse 100% of our biosolids. Other energy and nutrients contained in our sewage can be used for renewable energy and agriculture. We are actively investigating Resource Recovery systems to capture these.

Our Sewerage Management Actions and Programs

We are delivering a range of programs to improve sewage management including:

  • Develop programs to recover resources from sewerage
  • Improve reporting protocols for notifying sewer spills
  • Upgrade control system data (SCADA) for treatment plant and network assets
  • Investigate improved environmental outcomes within the sewage regulatory framework
  • Implement a bar-coding system to reduce blockages from greasy waste
  • Conduct an assessment of environmental aspects of sewerage management in the stony creek catchment

How you can track our performance

We have a number of targets outlined in our service standards for managing sewer spills and blockages, available in our Annual Report.

These targets include:

  • Spills due to pump station equipment failure, and
  • Average time to attend sewer spills and blockages

Our Environment Protection Authority License for Altona Treatment Plant has compliance conditions that must be met. The full license and our latest compliance report are available on the Environment Protection Authority website.


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