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City West Water

Procurement management

Objective: Product life cycles are considered in product selection

Why procurement is important

We purchase a range of goods and services. Each of our purchases has an impact on the environment that can be minimised by working with our suppliers to consider issues including:

  • The reused and recycled content of products we buy.
  • Embodied carbon of products.
  • If goods and services can be locally sourced.
  • The energy and water efficiency of products and services.
  • The durability and longevity of products; and
  • ‘end-of-life’ management options for waste streams.

Our Procurement Actions and Programs

We are continually working to improve the sustainability of our procurement practices. Some of the programs we have undertaken include:

  • Measure the eco-footprint of our procurement
  • Working with Melbourne Water to reduce the environmental impacts in our supply chain
  • Working with principal contractors on ways to protect the environment

What we are doing about it

We seek to partner with suppliers who share our environmental values. By working together we can reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain. We have the following measures in place to achieve this:

Measuring our impacts

We measure the impacts of our supply chain using an eco-footprint tool developed in collaboration with the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) and our peers in the water industry. As an industry we are working to improve the accuracy of the tool and our understanding of how supply chain impacts affect our businesses.

Identify priorities for improvements

Through our measurements we seek to understand our largest environmental impacts. We combine this information with opportunities to effect changes in the supply chain to determine means for improving the environmental performance of our procurement.

Working with our contractors

Our corporate vision and environmental values are part of our tender process and the evaluation of these tenders includes consideration of our suppliers’ responses. In addition, a number of our operational works and renewal programs are delivered through our principal contractors. We work together with our contractors to ensure our environmental management is complementary.

Working with Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water is our principal supplier - providing us with bulk water and sewage services. We regularly share information on each of our organisations’ environmental outcomes.

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