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City West Water

Biodiversity management

Objective: Ensure the extent and quality of native habitat under our inlfuence is improved

Why biodiversity management is important

Our service area is located on Western Basaltic Plains Grassland. The extent of native vegetation today is less than 1% compared to pre-colonial settlement. This vegetation is home to a range of threatened species.

Our services have the potential to impact on biodiversity. This can occur on land owned by us and land where we have assets. We can positively influence biodiversity outcomes through the:

  • management of pest and weed species;
  • management of biodiversity; and
  • choice of alignment of assets.

What we are doing about it

We are working to identify risks associated with climate change so that we are well prepared to withstand and respond. We are forming alliances with peers to develop tools and knowledge. This means:
  • Working closely with the Water Services Association of Australia and Melbourne’s other urban water companies.
  • We have developed a risk register based on our existing risk management framework.
  • Developing and implementing an Integrated Water Management Strategy to diversify water supply sources
We will ensure we play our part in global efforts to mitigate climate change through our Energy Management Plan. To minimise the health aspects associated with climate change we will work with stakeholders through our Greening the West Program.

Our Flora and Fauna Management Actions and Programs

To deliver on our biodiversity objective we are undertaking a ranging of programs, including:

  • Working with partners to improve urban ecology through our Greening the West program
  • Revegetate our owned land at Ballan Road
  • Implementation of the Native Vegetation Code of Practice
  • Measure extent and quality of vegetation on our sites
  • Develop Weed and Pest Management Plans for our owned sites
  • Develop Biodiversity Strategy
  • Set targets and implement Biodiversity Strategy
  • Implementing biodiversity training for field auditors

Others involved

Federal Government: Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
Victorian Government: Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning.

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