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City West Water

Energy management

Objective: Energy is used efficiently in our business. Renewable energy complements integrated water management initiatives.

Why energy management is important

We use energy in the transportation and treatment of water and sewage, production of alternative water, and office administration. There is also a large amount of energy used for heating, moving and treating water in our customer's homes and businesses.

In providing our services we manage our energy use to reduce costs to customers and impacts to the environment. Energy usage closely relates to our greenhouse gas emissions, so efficient management is essential in ensuring we play our part in mitigating climate change impacts.

Our electricity consumption

To manage our electricity consumption and reduce our GHG emissions it is important that we measure and analyse our performance. The chart outlines our historical electricity consumption.

Year Our Electricity Use (kWh/yr)
2010/11 6,908
2011/12 8,691
2012/13 8,597
2013/14 6,789
2014/15 7,127
2015/16 10,562
2016/17 11,023

Altona Salt Reduction Plant recommenced operations in 2015.
Note: GHG Emissions for 10-11 were fully offset using carbon offsets. GHG Emissions for 11-12 were fully offset using renewable energy and carbon offsets. Emissions for 12-13 and 13-14 were partially offset using combination of renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets.

Our greenhouse gas emissions

In addition to consuming electricity, there are a number of other services that CWW provides that generate GHG emission. These include: operating a fleet of cars, treating wastewater and using chemicals.

In 2016/17 CWW purchased verified carbon offsets to help reduce our emissions. The following chart outlines how individual services contribute to our GHG emissions and how the carbon offsets helped to reduce our emissions.

Our Energy Management Actions and Programs

Management of energy is addressed through our Emissions Reduction Pledge which considers current and future energy requirements. The Pledge follows the principles outlined by the Department of Land, Water and Planning and includes ambitious goals for energy efficiency and renewable energy. Programs we are undertaking include:

  • Purchase 10% green energy in 2017/18
  • Install solar panels at our Altona Treatment Plant
  • Implement an energy management system that drives energy efficiency
  • Collaborate with other water corporations to identify large scale renewable energy opportunities
  • Investigate opportunities to install solar panels at our West Werribee Salt Reduction Plant
    Implement a pump efficiency program

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