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Climate resilience

Objective: Climate risks are considered in all relevant decisions and are managed to ensure our systems are resilience to climate change

Why climate resilience is important

Projections for Melbourne are for a hotter and drier climate with more frequent extreme events. Because our climate is changing, we need to make sure our business is resilient to these changes.

The latest climate modeling is projecting a number of changes for Melbourne's climate in the years to come. These changes include:

  • Less annual rainfall
  • More intense rainfall events when it does rain
  • Higher temperatures
  • More extreme weather events (e.g. storms and heat waves)
  • Rising sea levels

What we are doing about it

We are working to identify risks associated with climate change so that we are well prepared to withstand and respond. We are forming alliances with peers to develop tools and knowledge. This means:

  • Working closely with the Water Services Association of Australia and Melbourne’s other urban water companies.
  • We have developed a risk register based on our existing risk management framework.
  • Developing and implementing an Integrated Water Management Strategy to diversify water supply sources

We will ensure we play our part in global efforts to mitigate climate change through our Energy Management Plan. To minimise the health aspects associated with climate change we will work with stakeholders through our Greening the West Program.

Our Climate Resilience Actions and Programs

We are delivering a range of programs to improve our climate resilience, including:

  • Developing alternative water supplies guided by our Integrated Water Management Strategy
  • Work with out community partners to reduce the health impacts of climate change through urban greening
  • Reduce demand for water via our water efficiency programs
  • Work with stakeholders to develop and improve climate risk management tools
  • Develop a climate risk register
  • Develop and implement a Climate Resilience Strategy
  • Incorporate climate risks into corporate risk framework
  • Improve weather forecast data sharing and accessibility with Bureau of Meterology

Others involved

How you can track our performance

We have a number of performance targets that are affected by the climate listed in our annual report, including:

  • Unplanned water supply interruptions (per 100km).
  • Water main breaks per 100km of water main (No.).\
  • Safe drinking water standards.
  • Recycled water targets.
  • Reliability of sewerage collection services.
  • Biosolids Reuse.
  • Sewage treatment standards.
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