Water Saving Tips

Saving water isn’t difficult, in fact it can be as simple as having a shorter shower or thinking about the water efficiency of the new appliance you’re buying.

The previous years of drought in Melbourne have taught us the importance of valuing water even during times of plenty. Do you know where the most water is used in and around your home?

Average water use in a typical home*:

Table shows type and percentage of yearly water use
Type Percentage
Shower 26%
Garden 15%
Laundry 20%
Toilet 15%
Bathroom 7%
Kitchen 5%
Leaks 7%
Evaporative Cooling 5%

*The percentage of water use is based on an all year average.
Ref: Kein Gan and Michael Redhead, Smart Water Fund 2013, Melbourne Residential Water Use Studies.

Planning to buy a new washing machine?

Our washing machine calculator estimates your washing machine’s electricity, gas and water consumption cost per wash. You may be surprised to learn how much it costs when using an inefficient washing machine with a low energy star rating compared to a new, water efficient washing machine.

Water saving tips – our top 10

We’ve compiled our top ten water saving tips to help you conserve water at home and, reduce your water and energy bills.


  1. 1 Swap your inefficient showerheads for 3-star water efficient ones. Save up to 13,500 litres of water per person per year. Find out about our free showerhead exchange program.
  2. 2 Reduce your shower time to four minutes and you could double your savings. Keep time using a shower timer or turn on the radio − shower for one four-minute song!


  1. 3 Use mulch on your garden to reduce water evaporation by up to 70%.
  2. 4 Group plants according to their water needs. Visit healthy urban habitat (healthyurbanhabitat.com.au) website for more tips on saving water in your garden, sustainable gardening and rainwater harvesting.


  1. 5 Adjust the water level in the machine to suit the size of the wash load – some new models will do this automatically.
  2. 6 When replacing your washing machine, consider a 4-star or better front loader to cut your water use by up to 50%.
  3. Try our washing machine calculator
  4. Visit choice (choice.com.au) website for more information about buying a washing machine.


  1. 7 Consider replacing your toilet to save around 95 litres per day. Book online or call 1300 739 220 to organise your toilet replacement today through our toilet replacement program.


  1. 8 Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth to save up to 335 litres per month.
  2. 9 Fix any leaks as soon as you notice them. A slowly dripping tap can waste 20,000 litres per year.


  1. 10 In the kitchen - Install a flow restrictor or aerator to reduce the flow rate from taps by 50%.