Healthy Urban Habitat

We recognise the value of a healthy and sustainable garden and the benefits it provides.

We’ve developed a Healthy Urban Habitat website to provide our customers with useful tips, tools and videos as well as a place for customers to share their own garden stories so we can all learn from each other, and you can also:

  • locate events and gardening workshops near you
  • stay tuned for upcoming competitions
  • check out interactive gardening tools
  • apply seasonal tips in your own garden

Learn more about the soil type and rainfall in your local area

Healthy Urban Habitat website

Greening the West

While we’re providing advice to help you green up your backyard, we’re also involved with a major initiative to benefit the communities of the western suburbs - Greening the West. Greening the West logo

City West Water is facilitating Greening the West to deliver positive health and social outcomes by providing a greener urban landscape. We’re working with a range of partners from local councils, water corporations, government agencies and industry and community groups.

The aim of the program is to increase vegetation in the west, and increase access to quality green space by providing a greener urban landscape.

Visit Greening the West website for more information.

Healthy and sustainable gardening

Gardening is a wonderful pastime that delivers many positive benefits – for you and your home and for our environment.

Whether you grow your own food or simply enjoy the outdoors, are a seasoned gardener or are new to gardening, take a look at the following healthy and sustainable gardening video which features advice from horticulturalist and gardening expert Helen Tuton and gardeners from Melbourne’s west who share their best tips on how to make your garden even better.

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