Building and Renovating

If you are building a new home, redeveloping a residence or renovating an exisitng home in City West Water's service area then you, or your plumber or builder will need to work with us to ensure correct and compliant water, sewerage and where available, recycled water connections.

Prior to commencing any plumbing work, a plumbing application together with the applicable application fee needs to be lodged with City West Water.

The type of application form required and the application fee payable is determined by the type of development being proposed.

The applicable fee that is to be lodged is indicated on the application form. The form will also indicate the minimum timeframes we require to assess your application.


Use this form to carry out all plumbing work for sewerage, drinking water and recycled water in a development.


Use this form to apply for plumbing works for drinking and recycled water, and sewerage, of 2 to 10 lots.


Use this form to apply for plumbing works relating to drinking water, sewerage and recycled water services for residential developments greater than 10 lots. You can also use this form for ALL non-residential developments.

Property Service Plans

Property Service Plans show you where the sewerage pipes are located on your property. Our Property Service Plans are managed by CIS. Visit CIS website for more information.