Alternative Water

Using alternative water such as recycled water for garden watering, car washing or toilet flushing means we can save our precious drinking water for the things we really need it for - like drinking.

Alternative water refers to water which does not come from the main drinking water supply. Alternative water comes from a variety of sources including recycled water, diverted stormwater and sewer mining.

We're currently investing in several new alternative water projects in our service area.

We have several stormwater projects currently in operation including Green Gully Reserve, Keilor Park, Keilor Public Golf Course and the Laverton Recreation Reserve Project that will keep the sporting ovals and reserves in your community green all year round.

We’re also undertaking major infrastructure works at the Werribee Treatment Plant, including a salt reduction recycled water plant. The plant forms part of the West Wyndham Recycled Water Project. The project will see recycled water supplied to residential homes and Council parkland in Wyndham Vale.

To learn more about alternative water and the status of our latest alternative water projects, you can watch the following video:

Alternative Water Projects video

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