Land Development

Land Development provides technical advice and compliance for City West Water assets in land development projects.

Our team works with the development industry to develop new ideas and work practices in the provision of water and sewerage services.

Our policies and how to comply

Our Land Development Manual details cost recovery, construction, quality assurance and audit policy for land development activities. It also describes the methods of determining contributions for water and sewerage services.

The policies refer to standard subdivision developments. Where these policies are inappropriate for a development, the Land Development team will determine requirements for the development on a case by case basis. For further details, please download the following document:


This manual sets out City West Water’s policies and pricing for land development works effective from 1 July 2016.

In conjunction with the Land Development Manual, please visit the following land development pages to assist you with your land development project:

Network servicing plans

Our network servicing plans show our planned water, sewerage and recycled water infrastructure required for servicing prospective development areas.

Download the following Network Servicing Plans:


Growth area supply zone - sewer


Recycled water supply growth zone


Water supply growth zone - potable water

Design & construction

All consultants and contractors working on the design, engineering or construction of our assets need to be accredited. This applies whether works are managed by developers or directly by us. Please visit our accredited consultants and contractors page for more information.

Our water and sewerage assets are to be designed and constructed in accordance with the water industry and City West Water codes, specifications, standards and product catalogues.
Visit our assets page for more information.

Need more information?

Contact the Land Development team on (03) 9313 8702 to discuss your needs.