Fire Services

City West Water can supply the pressure and flow details available within water mains for fire fighting purposes. This information is used by hydraulic consultants to design fire fighting systems for new and existing buildings.

In order to obtain this information you will need to lodge the application for pressure and flow information together with the applicable application fee.

Use and maintenance of Private Fire Services

Using water from a fire service for purposes other than firefighting constitutes a misuse of the fire service. Misuse of a fire service is illegal under the Water Industry Act 2000.

This may include activities such as:
  • washing footpaths and driveways
  • watering gardens
  • washing vehicles
  • using the fire service to supplement a property's general water supply.

All water usage must go through the general meter.

Maintenance of a private fire service

We are responsible for maintaining the water main and the fire service valve up to its outlet flange.

The property owner is responsible for maintaining the private fire service and its components which include the bolts, nuts and rubber insertions that secure the private fire service to the fire service valve.

Who is responsible for fire services

Maintenance should also include testing at least twice a year in line with the Building Code of Australia.

If changes are made to a property's plumbing system, it is the owner's responsibility to ensure the fire service continues to function correctly and remains compliant with regulations. It may be necessary to request the services of a hydraulic consultant to assess the premises before and after any works are completed.  

Repairing a private fire service

The property owner is responsible for undertaking any necessary alterations or repair any leaks or bursts on a private fire service. The Water Industry Regulations require a registered plumber to carry out all repair works to a fire service.

If we become aware of a leak or burst on a private fire service a 'Notice of Repair' will be issued to the owner specifying a date by which the repairs must be completed.

This also includes all road openings, traffic management and supplying temporary water supply for domestic use unless prior arrangements have been made with us.

In an emergency we may enter the property and carry out any required works. If the leak or required works become dangerous or pose a possible health risk, we may restrict water supply to the property or arrange for the works to be completed at the owner's expense.

Please note that the property owner is responsible for the payment of repair work, and may also be liable for any damages that occur as a result of a fire service's pipe failure.

Operating a fire service valve

Operation of the fire service valve may only be undertaken by our authorised officer or a licensed plumber acting on behalf of the property owner, and needing to do so to undertake repairs and/or maintenance on the property's private fire service valve and/or associated assets.

The detector check valve

All new fire services and any modification to an existing fire service must include a detector check valve assembly in the fire line system. A detector check valve comprises a spring loaded check valve in parallel with a by-pass meter assembly.

In a non-flow condition, the mainline check and by-pass check are closed and the meter is idle.

High pressure flows will open the mainline check, providing unrestricted supply for firefighting duties.

During operation at low flow rates, the mainline check remains closed so that low flows through the fire line system are registered by the by-pass meter.