Updated: Church Street water main works

16 April 2014
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A vital water main renewal project in Church Street, Richmond, is underway to ensure continued water supply and quality of service for the area.

The project involves renewing a water supply main approaching 100 years of service.

Works began last year, including a series of night works at the corner of Church and Victoria Streets. These works took longer than expected due to technical complexities involving tram and underground service lines at the intersection, requiring this year’s schedule of works to be revised.

The following map shows the stages of works we have planned for the first half of this year.

Image showing stages of works we have planned for the first half of 2014

The approximate timeframes* are:

  • Key for Stage 1 works Stage 1: Eureka Street – complete
  • Key for Stage 2 works Stage 2: Victoria/Church Street intersection – complete
    Works are almost complete in this stage, except for night works planned to start on 11 March 2014 and take about four nights, excluding Friday and Saturday evenings when works will not be held. 
  • Key for Stage 3 works Stage 3: Church Street (southbound) between Victoria and Lincoln Streets – complete
    This stage is complete except for reasphalting works, which will be done at the end of the project.
  • Key for Stage 4 works Stage 4: Church Street (southbound) between Lincoln and Kent Streets – underway
    Day works.
  • Key for Stage 5 works Stage 5: Bridge Road/Church Street intersection – yet to start
    Night works.
  • Key for Stage 6 works Stage 6: Church Street (southbound) between Kent Street and Bridge Road – underway
    Day works.

* Timing current as at 16 April 2014
** Due to a variety of factors associated with earlier stages of this project Stage 6 has started earlier than originally anticipated. It is expected Stage 5 will commence/be completed midway through Stage 6.

Works on Church Street will take place in the southbound lane nearest the kerb, closing that lane in sections. The other southbound lane, including the tram tracks, will remain open. Road users are asked to look out for signage around the work site and expect traffic and parking impacts, especially if travelling southbound on Church Street. Local water supply should not be affected, except for short interruptions which will be notified in advance.

For more information about the project:

  • contact Project Manager George Gusevski on ph (03) 9313 8609
  • follow @ChurchStWorks on Twitter.