Beat the heat - 7 survival tips for your garden right now

29 February 2012
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Here's some tips to help keep your garden healthy.
  1. Get composting
    Adding compost to your garden will increase your soil’s tolerance to dry conditions. Leaves, cuttings, kitchen scraps and shredded newspaper is all you need or pick up a bag at your local hardware store. No sweat!
  2. Just add mulch
    Mulch works wonders for your soil and will reduce water evaporation - a pea straw is a great choice for Melbourne’s soil and climate.
  3. Position your pots
    Plants growing in pots, tubs or hanging baskets dry out quickly over time so group them together and move them to a partially shaded spot.
  4. Water in the morning
    Get the day off to a good start by watering at day break, your plants will happier and healthier over the course of a hot summer’s day.
  5. Tap timers to keep your watering in check
    A tap timer costs very little compared to the benefits of watering efficiently and keeping your water use on track.
  6. Plan ahead your plant choices
    Summer isn’t the season to reinvent your garden - it’s the time to plan what you’d like to plant during the cooler months when conditions are better.
  7. Going on a holiday this summer?
    Make arrangements with neighbours, friends or family to pop around and water your plants and veggie patch during long hot spells.

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