Media Release: Recycled water issue West Wyndham

21 December 2016
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City West Water has taken action in response to three properties being incorrectly connected to recycled water through their drinking water supply in the West Wyndham area. All connections have been rectified.

Supply of Class A recycled water to 4,000 properties in the West Wyndham area commenced on 17 November 2016.

Prior to the commencement of supply four weeks ago, City West Water advised customers who would be receiving recycled water to be diligent in checking their internal connections and to monitor for any change of water quality or taste.

As a result, a customer notified City West Water of a change of water quality and taste. Investigations found the property had an incorrect connection between the recycled water main and the drinking water supply.

City West Water takes the health and safety of its customers extremely seriously and has subsequently tested drinking water meters on all properties who receive Class A recycled water.

Testing identified an additional two properties with incorrect connections, which have also been rectified.

Class A recycled water is the highest class of recycled water. It is treated to a standard that is safe for uses such as irrigation of vegetables, watering gardens, and washing clothes.

City West Water is working with Department of Health and Human Services to assess any potential impact to health from drinking this water. This information will be made available once complete.

City West Water has appointed an independent expert to undertake a comprehensive investigation to determine the cause, which will be completed by the end of the week.

For customers who are concerned about their recycled water connection, contact City West Water on 132 642.

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Please contact Clare Abbott on 0437002023 for further information.