Media release: Choose the right detergent

12 May 2016
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Next time you are shopping at your local supermarket, it might pay to stop and consider the laundry detergent you are using in your home or business.

City West Water in conjunction with Choice tested the best performing laundry detergents to understand how customers can:

  • Get a great wash
  • Safely use the rinse water from the washing machine occasionally on the garden
  • Assist with recycling wastewater at treatment plants 

City West Water’s General Manager Customers, Community and the Environment, Cameron FitzGerald said the study was really important in assisting our customers make the right decisions when using detergents.

“It is safe to use rinse water from your washing machine on your garden however you need to be mindful of the impacts on your plants, lawn and soil,” Mr FitzGerald said. 

“Higher concentrations of some detergent ingredients in wastewater also make it harder for us to recycle water from our treatment plants. 

“We recommend that customers look for detergents with the GreySmart or GreySmart with Care rating to determine the best laundry detergent for recycling and using on their garden.” 

The study shows the best performing detergents are:

Top loaders  Omo Ultimate Liquid GreySmart with Care
  Coles Ulitmate Concentrate Liquid GreySmart with Care
 Front loaders Radiant Sensitive Liquid  GreySmart with Care
  Radiant Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours Liquid GreySmart 

“Another great tip is to swap powder detergents to a liquid concentrate. Liquid concentrates contain less salt than powders, making them less harmful for our waterways and better for wastewater recycling,” Mr FitzGerald said. 

Mr FitzGerald outlined that reducing the detergent dose is also another way to help our waterways. 

In previous testing performed by Choice, some detergents tested almost as well at half dose as they did at full dose. 

“Try your favourite detergent at a lower dose and see if you are happy with the result. This will help protect our precious waterways and will also save you money,” Mr FitzGerald said.

For more information on the study and to find out whether your favourite detergent is GreySmart or GreySmart with Care rated visit Choice.