Household Rebates Offer: Spend $50, Get $30 Back....

28 March 2012
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With latest Living Victoria water rebates, if you spend $50 on any number of water saving products listed below, you’ll be eligible to receive a $30 rebate.

Just make your purchase from any shop, keep your receipt that details the purchase, and you’ll receive the rebate as a credit on your next water bill.

Products eligible for rebates are:

  • mulch
  • shower timers
  • flow control devices - need to reduce flow to 9 litres per minute or less
  • flow interrupters for toilets
  • compost/mulch bins
  • wetting/moisture agents
  • moisture/rain sensors
  • rainwater diverters
  • waterless car cleaning products
  • trigger nozzles
  • drip watering systems/weep hoses
  • garden tap timers
  • temporary greywater diverters

Don’t wait – the rebate offer is available for a limited time, and closes on 30 June.

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