Community Partners

We partner with a number of organisations that directly support and work within the communities in our service area.

Baptcare - provides support for children, individuals and families who have complex social and emotional needs. Baptcare responds to barriers of access by making help readily available. Support includes disability services, foster care, aged care and a range of programs designed to strengthen families and communities.

Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services - provides services for and advocates on behalf of disadvantaged women, families and young people.

Victoria University - seeks to positively transform lives through the power of further education, vocational and higher education. It takes a collaborative approach to developing the capabilities of individuals, enterprises and communities in the western region of Melbourne and beyond.

Western Chances - assists young people in the western suburbs to realise their potential through the provision of scholarships and related programs. 

Whitelion -  builds meaningful relationships and creates opportunities that enable at risk young people to reconnect with society and reach their full potential.

AMES - is Victoria’s largest provider of Settlement, English language, training, employment and community development services for culturally and linguistically diverse clients.

Yarraville Community Centre - works in partnership and networks with a range of organisations and agencies to provide relevant and accessible educational programs and services.

Our Community - is a world-leading social enterprise that provides advice and tools for Australia's 600,000 community groups and schools.

Western Bulldogs - takes its role in the community very seriously. It is the goal and responsibility of the organisation to be a community leader and strengthen their community.

Werribee Community and Education Centre - is an adult education facility and is the sole provider in Wyndham of the Federal Government’s  Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program. We are a Registered Training Organisation that offers classes to newly arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants, unemployed and adult learners, disengaged youth. We also support new arrivals with settlement in Australia and run a range of accredited vocational training and hobby and craft programs.

Victoria Police Football Club - work to break down barriers between youth and police and inspire youth to focus and create goals with their success and empowerment program.