West Werribee Dual Water Supply Project

City West Water is leading the way in the use of recycled water in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

The West Werribee Dual Water Supply Project will deliver high quality, Class A recycled water and drinking water to housing estates in the Werribee area, as well as a number of open spaces managed by Wyndham City Council.

If you are connected to recycled water, it is important to make sure your recycled water comes out of the right tap. Test your connection in five easy to follow steps by visiting how to check your recycled water connection.

The recycled water will come from Melbourne Water’s Western Treatment Plant, where it will be further processed and sent to homes and open spaces in the Werribee area through a dedicated ‘purple pipe’ recycled water system (see following map).

 Map of West Werribee

Recycled water is not yet being supplied to properties using the purple pipe system. Until the project is completed, houses within the estates that have a purple pipe system have drinking water supplied through both the drinking and recycled water pipes, so it is important that all water use complies with water restrictions.

The housing estates that will benefit from a supply of Class A recycled water include:

  • Manor Lakes – a Dennis Family Corporation development
  • Bluestone – a Sunland development
  • Riverwalk – a Places Victoria development.

There have been delays on this project, and while regrettable, City West Water anticipates delivering recycled water to properties in these housing estates in 2016.


West Werribee video update

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Project Update - Early 2015

There are three major elements required for delivery of the West Werribee Dual Water Supply project. These include:

  • a salt reduction plant at the Western Treatment Plant
  • 34kms of transfer mains (both recycled and drinking water pipes)
  • recycled and drinking water storage tanks on Ballan Rd

Salt Reduction Plant

Before recycled water goes anywhere near our customers, it must go through a stringent treatment process to ensure it meets the requirements of the Environment Protection Authority and the Department of Health.

In the early stages of the West Werribee project, our project team determined that the wastewater from the Western Treatment Plant contains too much salt and was therefore not suitable for delivery to customers. As a result, the project requires a new salt reduction plant at the Werribee Treatment Plant site.

City West Water has contracted TEDRA Australia to build the salt reduction plant at the Western Treatment Plant. Construction is nearing compleition and commissioning is underway.


The drinking water and recycled water pipes have been laid. Final testing and commissioning of the pipelines has been completed.

Ballan Road Tanks

The drinking water and recycled water tanks have been constructed. Final testing and commissioning of the tanks it underway.