West Werribee Dual Water Supply Project

City West Water is leading the way in the use of recycled water in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

The West Werribee Dual Water Supply Project will deliver high quality, Class A recycled water and drinking water to housing estates in the Werribee area, as well as a number of open spaces managed by Wyndham City Council.

If you are connected to recycled water, it is important to make sure your recycled water comes out of the right tap. Test your connection in five easy to follow steps by visiting how to check your recycled water connection.

The recycled water will come from Melbourne Water’s Western Treatment Plant, where it will be further processed and sent to homes and open spaces in the Werribee area through a dedicated ‘purple pipe’ recycled water system (see following map).

 Map of West Werribee

Recycled water is not yet being supplied to properties using the purple pipe system. Until the project is completed, houses within the estates that have a purple pipe system have drinking water supplied through both the drinking and recycled water pipes, so it is important that all water use complies with water restrictions.

The housing estates that will benefit from a supply of Class A recycled water include:

  • Manor Lakes – a Dennis Family Corporation development
  • Bluestone – a Sunland development
  • Riverwalk – a Places Victoria development.  
West Werribee video update

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Project Update - June 2016

Residential areas will be provided with drinking water and recycled water as part of the West Werribee Dual Water Supply Project.

The drinking water portion of the project has been completed and is in operation.

The recycled water portion project comprises:

Pipeline and Ballan Road Tank

·         The recycled water pipes have been laid and tested to ensure they meet City West Water standards.

·         The construction of the Ballan Road Recycled Water Storage Tank has been completed. 

·         Final flushing and disinfection of the pipelines is in progress.

West Werribee Ancillary Works

·         The West Werribee Ancillary Works includes the Class A Recycled Water storage, Blending Pump Station, the Recycled Water Storage Tank and the Recycled Water Transfer Pumps.

·         The West Werribee Ancillary Works have been substantially completed and are currently being tested and commissioned so that key elements are ready for reliable operation from end September 2016.

Salt Reduction Plant

·         The Salt Reduction Plant uses a combination of Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis (UFRO) processes to remove all impurities and salinity from the Class A Water. 

·         City West Water is currently undertaking detailed engineering to resolve key issues associated with the existing Salt Reduction Plant. Our aim is to implement key rectification works and progressively commission the plant by early 2017.

·         The planned target for operational handover of the entire project is the end April 2017.


Recycled Water

·         The Class A water received from the Western Treatment Plant contains too much salt and is not suitable for delivery to customers. The West Werribee Ancillary Works provides a means of preparing Recycled Water of the right quality by:

·         Blending Class A water from the Western Treatment Plant with potable water to produce reduced salinity Recycled Water.  This work is planned to be operational by end September 2016

·         Blending Class A water from the Western Treatment Plant with lower salinity water from the Salt Reduction Plant (which also uses Class A as the feedstock).