MRWA specifications can be found under the MRWA Specifications & Tools tab of the Standards section of the MRWA website.

MRWA Backfill Specification

This MRWA specification sets out the principle requirements for the backfill and compaction of soils in excavations associated with the construction of water supply and sewerage assets. This specification refers to the trenchfill zone and not the embedment zone (for details of embedment zone requirements, refer to the MRWA Edition of the WSAA Water Supply and Sewerage Codes). This specification also applies to fill associated with assets constructed by tunnels, drives, shafts, bores and other trenchless technologies. Deep compressible clays (Coode Island Silt) are outside the scope of this specification.

MRWA Water Quality Compliance Specification

This MRWA specification details the principles and requirements of reducing water quality and environmental risks in new drinking water main works and how to verify that water quality is acceptable before a new main is accepted into service.

WSAA Product Specifications

WSAA product specifications have been developed to facilitate the appraisal of products, the referencing in contract technical documentation such as project specifications and design drawings, and the procurement of products and materials for use in construction of water and sewerage networks.

For more information on the WSAA specifications visit the WSAA website.

Sewer Acceptance Testing

City West Water requires that all gravity sewers be tested in accordance with the following specifications before they are accepted.


Sewer acceptance testing specification