Altona Treatment Plant

Putting wastewater to good use at the Altona Recycled Water Treatment Plant

The Altona Treatment Plant was first opened in the 1960s to provide sewage treatment services to the Altona area. Today, the plant services over 20,000 residential and business properties in the Altona, Altona Meadows, Laverton and Point Cook areas and treats close to 13 million litres of sewage a day.

In early 2011, the Altona Treatment Plant became home to a sophisticated recycled water treatment facility that is capable of turning wastewater into something far more useful.

Instead of releasing millions of litres of treated wastewater into Port Phillip Bay, most of that water is now captured, treated and then used in manufacturing processes and the irrigation of recreational spaces for the community.

Video description

Watch the following video to learn more about the Altona Treatment Plant in Melbourne’s western suburbs. The plant serves over 20,000 properties in the local area. The video shows how the treatment process works as sewage is treated and cleaned before being sent to the Altona Recycled Water Plant to become recycled water.

City West Water Altona Treatment Plant Video

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About the City West Water Altona Recycled Water Project

Each year, About 2 billion litres of recycled water annually will be supplied to plastics manufacturer Qenos for use in their boilers and cooling towers, as well as: 

  • 300 million litres to Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club to irrigate its golf course
  • 200 million litres to Kooringal Golf Club to irrigate its golf course
  • 5 million litres to Hobsons Bay City Council to irrigate Altona Green Park and 6 million litres for HD Graham Reserve. Water will also be used for urban streetscape watering and dust suppression.

The volume of high quality water produced each year is equivalent to the volume of water held by 1000 Olympic sized swimming pools.

How the recycled water treatment plant works

Put simply, the plant forces water through a series of membranes or filters to treat wastewater from the existing plant, removing salts and other contaminants in each stage. The recycled water is then pumped via a purpose-built pipeline to Qenos as well as the golf courses and council-owned public spaces.

 The Altona Treatment Plant

The recycled water treatment plant was completed early in 2011, and after an extensive testing process, was officially opened on 19 April 2011.