Accredited Consultants and Contractors

In order to work on the design, engineering or construction of City West Water assets, you must be accredited in the correct categories.

As part of our commitment to quality, all consultants and contractors working on the design, engineering or construction of our assets need to be accredited. This applies whether works are managed by developers or directly by us.

We have a range of accreditation categories, including some that you might not be aware of. Even if you are already accredited, you might need to check you are accredited in the correct categories because they recently changed.

City West Water will be using Trade Interchange’s ARCUS from early 2016. Organisations already accredited with South East Water can tick the questions in ARCUS, when asked ‘Do you want to apply for City West Water…’.

Documents in ARCUS can be viewed by City West Water. Organisations not currently accredited with South East Water can find the details of who to contact here.

ARCUS, an online questionnaire, is now being used by all three Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWAs). Organisations who have not previously applied in ARCUS they should contact

Accredited Consultants and Contractors Lists

The following documents list the consultants who are accredited to perform design and engineering services for us and the contractors accredited to carry out construction work for us.


A list of consultants that have been accredited by us.


A list of contractors accredited by us.