Online Services

Welcome to City West Water's Online Services

Our online services have been designed for your convenience - they're quick, simple and there's no need to visit our office or fax through forms. Various services are available for residents, tenants, businesses, owners, builders, solicitors and conveyancers, plumbers, real estate agents and so on.

  • pay your bill online

    Pay bills online quickly and simply, via credit card (up to $10,000 accepted).

    No need to register. All you need is your account number and credit card details.

  • request a property sewerge plan

    A property sewerage plan shows the location of drainage/sewerage pipes for a property.

    CIS Services Pty Ltd manage the supply of property sewerage plans on our behalf.

  • book a meter read

    Do you need to book a meter read for your property or on behalf of a client?
    We can organise to read a property meter any weekday, just give us 48 hours notice.

  • request a property info statement

    Do you need to obtain a Property Information Statement, required for the sale or purchase of a property?
    To access this online service, you must be an owner/owner occupier, solicitor/conveyancer or real estate/managing agent.

  • advise us of a property sale

    Moving? Buying or selling a property and need to advise us?
    Send us a notification of disposition or acquisition advice, so we can update our billing records.

  • advise us of tenancy change

    New tenants moving in or existing tenants moving out and need to advise us of a change in tenancy?
    Advise us as soon as possible, so we can update your billing records.